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Pure Hydration - for MEN

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Fragrance Free.  This bar soap is automatically delivered as our unscented and ultra moisturizing bar and designed for normal to dry skin.  If you prefer our unscented Castile, which is also 100% natural but ready for extra cleaning power; simply let us know in the box above.  Castile is great for oily skin/scalp and when more heavy duty results are desired.   Of course we carry a whole line of liquid castile; shampoo, handwash and shower gel.  All liquid Castile soaps are available in all MEN's scents.  Castile is the choice for extra cleaning power and oily areas or when more heavy duty results are desired.

Skin Care Fact:  The human body has approximately 19,000 skin cells per square inch.  All grooming products produced by Ogleby are nature based and specially formulated for healthy smooth skin.  The Best Soap for MEN - your skin will thank you.