• Sugar Scrub - Classic


    A few Ogleby scents available in Sugar Scrub - Classic are listed on in the drop down menu on this page.  We can also put together most of the 70 fragrances that we carry during the holidays.  If you have a favorite Ogleby fragrance you would like to try in sugar scrub and it's not listed above, simply write the name in the FOR YOU, BY YOU box.

    Each scrub is 100 ounces.  To scrub is the most magnificent skin loving cleanse you can give your body.  Yes, you will achieve tremendously smooth skin.  Think of how a light sanding will smooth your skin.  You will also feel hydrated.  And the fragrance will certainly linger.  Your soap works better.  Your cream works better.  Your skin looks better (glowing / dewy)

    In addition, our skin has millions of pores.  We constantly shed dry skin.  If we use body cream it will mix with the flaked skin to make a paste.  The flaked skin will also mix with our natural body oils to make a paste.  This paste clogs our pores.  Our skin likes to breathe.  When you exfoliate with an Ogleby scrub your skin will be able to BREATHE.  

    The ultimate way to have glowing, dewy skin is to scrub.  Try this technique:  scrub, rinse, apply shave creme, shave, rinse. Wow!

    Everything Ogleby makes is handmade with love in USA.