• SOAK - Goat Milk Sea Salt ~ pure hydration


    No essential oils or fragrances.  Simply unscented.  Indulge yourself with this handmade treat wrapped in a host of rich, skin-saving, healing ingredients.

    Clean.  Gentle.  Soothing.  Easy.

    The 16oz jar contains a perfect amount for 4 to 6 nice long relaxing, detoxing baths. Epsom and Sea Salt Soak adds a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Regulating over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammations, helping muscle function and relaxation. The natural sea minerals help improve the skins ability to absorb nutrients and flush toxins.

    Beauty by Relaxing - effortless beauty.

    Create a calm and relaxed feeling.  Look better.  Feel better.  Gain energy.  Relax.  Reduce irritability.  Improve sleep and concentration.  Relieve pain and muscle cramps.  Those are just a few of the possible results from a long hot bath while using an Ogleby Soak.

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