Shampoo - All Hair Types - Peppermint Tea Tree

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Great for scalp, shampoo, shower gel, hand wash in bathroom or kitchen.  I also like to hand wash my delicates with this wash!  Your feet will take notice as well as your entire body.  While we shower and our pores are open - chemicals can enter our pores and then our blood stream.  As I rinse my hair, my shampoo runs down my body and sometimes sits at the floor of the tub around my feet.  I like using products on my body that have the least amount of chemicals as possible.  Shampoos and most 'other' shower products contain chemicals that are drying.  Our internal cells reproduce themselves off of each other, the question is... what exactly is getting reproduced?   

This Peppermint Tea Tree Wash by Ogleby carries 78% organic content, is sulfate free and has some lovely Ogleby Tea Tree oil added for good measure.  Explore How Tea Tree benefits skin.