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MEN's Big Giant Bar of Soap Vegan Bar Soap


Included: MENS Extra Large Vegan Soap Bar available in every scent Ogleby makes. A great value.

Size:  5 bars in one.   This is ONE big heavy bar weighing in at an enormous 22 ounces.

You must see it and use it.  It works good.  This one, single, large bar of soap is for a man with large hands or anyone else that likes the feel of their hand wrapped around a big fat bar of soap.

Choose any fragrance you want by simply typing in the FOR YOU, BY YOU box above and let Ogleby Staff know what you have chosen.  Remember Ogleby soaps mix with your own chemistry and will be unique on YOU.  Get ready to get grounded in what YOU want.  Declare it and own it and make it happen.  Yess