• OIL - Coconut Oil for Skin ~ Pure Hydration


    16 oz

    Refined. Does not smell like coconut. Ideal for sensitive skin.  Absorbs dirt and dead skin cells. Retains moist, soft skin. Absorption Rate - Fast

    Your refillable roll on applicator is a wonderful way to spread your oil onto your body or face. Natural beauty oil tips – 

    A. Use just before shower, as a cleanser! Spread beauty oil over body and face while dry and then rinse. 

    B. Use just after a fresh shower, as a moisturizer. While body is still damp, spread all over face and body. Having a dewy body will require less beauty oil and make spreading easier. 

    C. Use roll-on applicator to roll onto the backs of hands, cuticles, fingertips throughout the day. Roll on face just before face crème; roll on body just before body moisturizer. 

    D. Quench dry skin, sunburn, and windburn. 

    E. Controls stray eyebrows and smoothes flyaway hair back into place. 

    F. Hydrates and plumps dry, swollen skin on body, face and under eyes. 

    G. Use before and after shaving on areas that typically get irritated or razor burn.