MEN BAR SOAP - Peace on Earth - for MEN


Ancient history knows of the resin of the Dragon's Blood Plant to be a cure-all. And know for bringing desires forthcoming. What do you have in mind? Money, love, power? This scent is unique and mysterious. Add a few drops of fresh vanilla essential oils. Spicy undertones for an energizing edge, yet warm woodsy and musky for a sensual overtone.  Think 60's.

Strength. Love. Individual. Particular. .


Each handmade bar is cut 1 inch thick by approx. 2.5 height X 3 length. 


Skin Care Fact:  The human body has approximately 19,000 skin cells per square inch.  All grooming products produced by Ogleby are nature based and specially formulated for healthy smooth skin.  The Best Soap for MEN - your skin will thank you.