MEN BAR SOAP - Nude Castile (Goat Milk) - for MEN


nude castile. unscented castile, heavy duty.  Perfect for excess oil, grease, dirt.  Gardeners, mechanics and grease monkeys.  Maybe try with your acne and see if you look better.  Different formulas clean differently on different skin types.  After prolonged use, castile can be drying to normal or dry skin, but maybe try once every two weeks for a deep cleanse.


Each handmade bar is cut 1 inch thick by approx. 2.5 height X 3 length.


Skin Care Fact:  The human body has approximately 19,000 skin cells per square inch.  All grooming products produced by Ogleby are nature based and specially formulated for healthy smooth skin.  The Best Soap for MEN - your skin will thank you.