• BAR SOAP - Nude Castile (Goat Milk)


    Our lovely handmade castile is authentic.  A little Olive Oil a little Goat Milk. Slow to lather, yet leaves one thriving with a feeling of fresh & squeaky clean.  Our handmade castile is compassionate and gentle for anyone scent-sensitive because it's unscented.  Castile is the choice for extra cleaning power and oily areas or when more heavy duty results are desired.  We also carry Citron Lavender as the only other castile bar soap in our store.  Of course we carry a whole line of liquid castile: shampoo, handwash and shower gel.  All liquid castile soaps are available in all Ogleby fragrances.  

    Pure.  Natural.  Clean.  Joy.


    Each handmade bar is cut 1 inch thick by approx. 2.5 height X 3 length.


    Ogleby Sisters Soap ~ Natural Skin Care.  All of our handmade soaps are beautiful, heavenly scented and caress the skin with soft healing essential oils.  Nude Castile...