MEN A Bar Soap Sample for MEN


Included:  12 sample bar soaps.  Type your choices in the box labeled FOR YOU, BY YOU or Ogleby staff will be happy to choose for you.

ALL Ogleby scents available in Bar Soap are listed on the drop down menu on this page.

Each bar is individually labeled and arrives in a bag for MEN.  Size ~ approx. 1 oz. (think guest bar soap at hotels)

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Everything Ogleby makes is handmade with love in USA.

Perfect gift for special people that make a difference in your life all year;  hairdresser, mailman, landscaper, school teacher, school bus driver, dentist, doctors, nurse, receptionist, co-worker, boss, employees, clients, neighbors, baby sitter, dog sitter, care giver and of course yourself and all of your beloved family and friends!

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