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    Each of your full size bars will arrive in an individual hand-stamped bag with the soap scent name on it.  

    Please feel free to Mix & Match.  If you are ordering 4 bars or 27 bars, or anything inbetween - you can choose any combination from the fragrance list above - simply type your choices and number of each - into the FOR YOU, BY YOU box above.  

    You are getting free shipping - so please do not over order. Ogleby soap is made fresh with fresh ingredients. Think fresh organic strawberries.  Ogleby soaps also prefer open air. For best results, please don't seal the soaps inside anything such as plastic or boxes. Also the fragrances can and will migrate so keep them as far apart from each other as possible. 

    We are THRILLED and HONORED to serve you. If you have been chosen to be a Wholesale Retailer for Ogleby it is truly our way of showing great gratitude for being in partnership with you. Thank you and please contact me with any and all questions.