SHAVE - ORGANIK, Best Shaving Cream and Aftershave Set - yacht 3HUNDRED37


Arrives with one 8 oz jar of each:

The Best Shaving Cream for the Best Shave Possible.

Ogleby Organik Shaving Creme is a unisex product perfect for all body areas. Because of the natural alpha hydroxy acids, and with the protective slip and slide characteristics, you will have the cleanest and smoothest shave imaginable.  Approx. 73% organic content. 

For Perfect Comfort After Every Shave.

This rich unisex Ogleby Organik Aftershave lotion is ideal for freshly shaved face and body areas.  After shaving, the ingredients in this lotion work as a synergistic phenomena to leave your skin healthy, smooth, and replenished.  Approx. 79% organic content.