PERFUME - 2 oz. Spray (Pick5) ~ CONFIDENT


An effortless scent of body and soul.  Light powdery musk appoints the veil of mystery and strong image.  

Charm.  Grace.  Allure.  Gratitude.

Please type 5 individual spray perfumes, list the fragrances that you would like to have custom blended, or any combination - into the box above - labeled FOR YOU, BY YOU and Ogleby will take care of the rest.

* Be unique. Make your scent like no other on earth.

* Nothing stirs the mind or heart more powerfully than scent.

* Wear each fragrance alone or layered on the skin.

* Mix - your own fragrances. Match - your own aromas. Love - your own combination.

* Change throughout the day.  Create a fragrance wardrobe of a base scent, or two, then deepen or brighten it a bit. 

* Make it fresher, citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, spicy, woody.

* Change with each mood outfit, hour. Intensely personal.

A fascinating adventure with astonishing results. 

* Expand and refine. Explore perfume as an art.

* Stir the room.

* Work with your body's natural chemistry.