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Each Ogleby Coconut Oil for Skin Handsome Oil arrives with two containers: an 8 ounce bottle and a 10.6 milliliter roll-on applicator. The refillable applicator is a great way to spread your handsome oil onto your body or face.  Of course being careful not to slip, you might want to try one of these natural Coconut Oil for Skin tips.       Note:  This Coconut Oil for skin does not smell like coconut.  If you would like it to be scented with the scent of coconut, please send us a note in the FOR YOU, BY YOU box.

a. Use your coconut oil handsome oil before a shower, as a cleanser! Spread over body and face. Shower and cleanse as usual and then rinse remaining coconut oil from self.

b. Use handsome oil just after a fresh shower, as a moisturizer. While body is still damp, spread your favorite Ogleby Coconut Oil Handsome Oil all over face and body. Having a damp body will require less oil and make spreading easier.

c. Use roll-on applicator to roll onto the backs of hands, cuticles, fingertips throughout the day. Roll on face just before face cream moisturizer, roll on body just before body moisturizer.

d. Deeply moisturize face and body.

e. Helpful after sunburn.

f. Quench dry skin, rosacea, sunburn, windburn.

g. Controls stray eyebrows and smooths flyaway hair back into place.

h. Hydrates and plumps dry, swollen skin on body, face and under eyes.

i. Great underneath daytime or night time moisturizer.

j. Conditions dehydrated skin all over face and body.

k. Use before and after shaving on areas that typically get irritated or razor burn. 

Ogleby is a known and trustworthy supplier of natural and organic beauty oils sourced around the world.