BODY CREME - Best Body Lotion, Natural LIGHT Weight ~ CONFIDENT


An effortless scent of body and soul.  Light powdery musk appoints the veil of mystery and strong image.  

Charm.  Grace.  Allure.  Gratitude.

This simple to use, glide-on creme is perfect for those looking for a light moisturize, without using their hands.  This creme applies smooth, dries fast, and requires no rubbing in.  It is the perfect base to use to increase your fragrance layering experience and signify your own custom scent.  100% natural ingredients includes beeswax, which is a substance that draws in moisture and locks it in your skin.  It's extremely soothing, anti-inflammatory, loaded with antioxidants which slow down signs of early aging and as a natural antibacterial, makes unclogging pores easy while clarifies skin.  With the added natural shea butter, you simply have an excellent on-the-go product.